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Medical Student Scholarship Program

The medical school URACCAN (University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast) was founded by and for the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and was the first intercultural community college in Latin America.  There are schools located throughout the Atlantic Coast with one near to the town of Puerto Cabezas.


In 2008 URACCAN University responded to the need to establish a medical program that would combine ancient and traditional knowledge with modern medicine.  URACCAN became the first university to train intercultural physicians.


Students in the school of Intercultural Medicine are pioneers in the field and view their study as essential to the medical service needed by the people they serve.  They are taught to take seriously the traditional healing methods of indigenous people.  Previously, doctors who did not understand natural practices of native people were unable to influence their patients to accept modern medical methods.


URACCAN University is committed to the service of people in need, appreciates the intercultural richness of indigenous peoples, and is strong in its desire to educate women. 


The people we are in close contact with are is Doctora Ivania Lopez Calero, the director of the medical school,Dr Florence Levy, advisor to the scholarship program and Anna Lucia Aleman executive director Center for Autonomy and Development of

Indigenous Peoples CADPi

Past Projects
  • Palliative Care Program in the community of Puerto Cabezas

  • Bilwas Medical Outreach in the ten villages in Rio Cocco region

  • Well and sanitation projects in the Rio Cocco region

  • Establishment of EMS in Puerto Cabesas

  • Volunteer Quarters / Warehouse / Learning center for community lectures 

  • Hospital Amanacer de Enfemera Nancy Bach

  • Transportation of Patients for medical attention in Managua

  • Provide Medical Supplies to the following hospitals

Hospital Nuevo Amanecer, Puerto Cabezas

Polyclinica Bilwaskarma in Bilwaskarma, Rio Coco

Moravian Clinic in Ahuas, Honduras

  • General Surgery, Ophthalmology and Dental clinics.

  • Transportation to Maine, for children in need of cardiac surgery

  • Training including Operating Room Nurses, Laboratory, Anesthesia and X-ray.

  • Shipping of roughly 30,000 lbs. of supplies and materials annually to the region.

  • Establishment breast milk bank

  • Mercury contamination study in Siuna

  • H.Pylori project

  • Creation of a Burn Unit.

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